This guy is the problem Apple tries to find a solution for

The following is a video excerpt from „The Colbert Report“.

The guy on the left is the problem.

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Don McLeroy
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His name is Don McLeroy. He’s a Young Earth Creationist. Someone who believes that men roamed the earth together with dinosaurs. That God created the earch 10,000 years ago. That he, as a religious conservative, has the right to „fight scientists“ when it comes to science. Because his beliefs are contradicted by science.

He was on the Texas state board of education, the single most influential institution in United States when it comes to what is and isn’t in a school book. Because Texas is such a large state, it buys a huge amount of textbooks. And with that they indirectly dictate what is available as a textbook for all the other states in the US.

Apple with their textbook initiative provide the solution for this problem. The cheaper it will become to make a textbook the less influential Texas will be when it comes to other states buying textbooks.

Of course this also means that knuckleheads like McLeroy will be able to put together their own textbooks, showing pictures of humans sitting on dinosaur backs just like they do in their creationist museums. The question then will be if Apple allows such textbooks on the iBookstore or not.

I know it sounds weird because it’s not gadget related, but I for one am very very interested in this. More than in patent lawsuits. More than in what the next iPhone will be named. More than anything. Because this is about science and while many think it is boring bringing the costs of textbooks down is so extremely pro science and such an extreme, non-apparent benefit to all of us, especially our children, that it’s a shame that the DOJ focuses on Apple’s agency model and hinders them from getting this revolution in the educational system done.

I know it might seem far fetched maybe, just maybe, this is one of the reasons why the DOJ focuses on Apple, not Amazon. Apple is about to revolutionize the textbook industry and maybe suing them will slow this process down.

Which would be a shame.

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