Check 3rd Party Access to your Google Account. Now.

3rd Party Google Account Permissions

An article on by Andy Baio just reminded me that I should check my Google Account permissions. After Google implemented OAuth access for third parties in 2010, I gave different permissions to my account to about a dozen companies. I never really cared about this because back then I was still thinking that no company would do something „bad“ with my data and I didn’t give full permission to my Emails ever. Just „Login with your Google Account“ type of access to Disqus and Typepad or sync access to my contacts and calendar data back when there wasn’t a good solution to sync them to my iPhone.

Wait. What? Address Book? Right. There was „something“ this week about that. Oh and didn’t Dropbox lie to me when they said they wouldn’t be able to access my files because they didn’t have my password? Oh wait. They did. And they do.

And didn’t Google basically just tell everybody to love their „Search plus your world“ paradigm shift or to GTFO?.

This way or another, it’s time for you to check your Google account’s third party access permissions.

Right now, preferably.

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