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Hi everyone. It’s not hard to find out that this blog is new and based in Germany. Since I love the English language and invested a ton of time learning it in school and afterwards on the Internet I thought it would be a nice way to get my „thoughts on everything Apple from a guy who never had a Mac but owns a lot of iOS devices and iPods“ to a bigger audience. In other words: English was always my hobby and not using it to talk about the gadgets I love most would’ve been a waste. That’s why I started writing my posts in English first and translate them into German a day later, one post a day.

I bet some of you find the double-posts in two languages more than annoying so today I give you a way just to get news in the language you prefer. The techies among you might have found out already how to do it because I put the posts in two different Categories.

Anyway, here’s the link to the English RSS-Feed:

(I hope you can get past the fact that I used the German word for English 🙂 )



Deutsche Einträge in diesem Blog gibt’s hier, Englische siehe Link oben 🙂

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